The handsomely crafted rectangular range allows you to create unique patterns with regular shapes. The only limit is your imagination. The high slip resistance makes this the perfect all weather solution for your driveway. 


Domestic and commercial driveways.


200mmx100mm available in 50mm from stock (60mm and 80mm available to special order)


Our colours are vibrant and their definition enables you to establish more prominent patterns, borders and contrasts where required.

Available in: Bracken, brindle, burnt ochre, buff charcoal, grey, red and Scottish heather (other colours made to order).


The closed texture of our paving provides a professional look and reduces the ability of freeze/thaw to undermine the product, unlike the open texture alternatives on the market.


Independent tests confirm slip resistance values vastly superior to the standard.


Curing of the concrete product in a climate controlled environment is vital to long term durability, reducing the occurrence of efflorescence and reducing breakages and waste, as the product is stored in its first days in the environment it requires for proper hydration. At time of printing, this is common in the world but makes us unrivalled in the UK.