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Pipe selection
Cut length or “Plumb straight”
Although “Plumb Straight” coiled pipe is designed to effectively straighten when un-coiled,
where the visual appearance of pipe is important, i.e. short visible sections of 22mm pipe in
cylinder cupboards, pipe cut from straight lengths may be preferred.

NOTE: Polybutylene pipe must not be used for long permanently exposed
runs of pipe where appearance is important. Both straight and coiled pipes
are flexible.

Standard or Barrier
As barrier pipes contain an EVOH barrier layer to reduce oxygen ingress into the system
through the pipe wall it is our opinion that these pipes must be used on central heating
systems. When tested to DIN 4726 and DIN 4727 barrier pipes give an oxygen permeability
less than the value of 0·1g (m3d) specified in DIN 4726. British Gas now accept central
heating systems containing standard polybutylene pipes onto their maintenance and service
contracts but this may result in additional checks and maintenance being carried out. The
use of corrosion inhibitor in central heating systems is acceptable provided that the inhibitor
is specifically designed for plastic piping systems and guidance on their suitability should be
sought from the inhibitor manufacturer prior to adding to the system.
Both barrier and standard pipes can be used in hot and cold water supplies.